Med Surg Support is an innovative endowment fund. We are committed to improving well-being and health on a global scale. Our mission focuses on promoting solidarity without borders through the sharing of enriching experiences and the provision of medical material support.


Med Surg Support is committed to a humanitarian and sustainable development mission, supporting health professionals in emerging countries. Our goal is to transform access to medical care by making less invasive surgical innovations and techniques available.

With a focus on education, continuing education and knowledge sharing, we aim to raise the standard of health care. We aspire to a future where the quality of medical care no longer depends on geography, ensuring equitable access to advanced and secure treatments for all.

Through this work, Med Surg Support wishes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment of well-being for each individual, breaking down the barriers that limit access to advanced health care.


Developing laparoscopy:
Bringing our experience in performing the first minimally invasive surgical interventions

Training doctors in laparoscopy: Assistance in acquiring surgical skills and techniques

Equipping hospitals:
Purchase of laparoscopy equipment (complete column and instrument sets)

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